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Carreno - Medium Light Roast Coffee - Cold Brew Blend - 100% Arabica

Our special summer blend is a washed process mix of Arabicas, roasted to enhance the light and refreshing fruity flavours of the coffee for a warm, tropical day. Carreno’s crisp, and citrusy notes of orange, finished with a touch of vibrant passion fruit is perfectly timed for the onset of the spring season.

We’ll let you in on a secret - try this as a cold brew, and we assure you that Carreno, with Saltoro’s Ultimate Spotify Classic Collection will let you sail through the hottest of days in style.

Teresa Carreno (1853 - 1917) - Venezuelan pianist, soprano, and conductor is one of the most celebrated female composers of all time.

Composition Suggestion - Kleiner Walzer (Mi Teresita), 1885.

Producer: Tamil Nadu & Chikmagalur
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Orange, Passion Fruit
Roast Level : Light 

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