Our philosophy around sourcing coffee is clear – we look for coffee that offers a distinct and delicious flavor, is sustainably & ethically produced and compliments our coffee program to best serve our clients. We hope to display the best characteristics of all the main regions and look for diversity in varietals and processing methods.

To be honest, we are in the business of coffee because we love ourselves a cuppa in the morning or a latte in the afternoon with someone. In short, we believe in one-on-one conversations over jarring calls. And our simple-minded coffee heads have made us have a direct, transparent and healthy relationship with our farmers -- who truly are nothing short of our partners. Our partners-in-crime to get caffeinated. Or decaf! You get the drill!

As a rule, we only purchase coffees that score a minimum of 83 points on the international q grading system, however, they also need to meet our broader objectives and our internal quality guidelines. We ensure that all the coffee we purchase is considered for ecological care and community development and that workers are treated and paid fairly.


We are committed to our love and craft of making and sharing coffee. And as much as we'd like to sit back and enjoy our cup of a freshly brewed coffee, we don't take what we do lightly. No, sire!

We are deeply aware of the world and its problems that we live in. And we don't neglect our Planet's Earth Plea and Plight. Sustainability and being environmentally thrifty is the need of the hour. And besides a light roast at night, we don't take this topic too lightly and are self-educating and improving ourselves as we go.

And it goes without saying we believe the extension of this philosophy reflects in how we source our coffee. No middle-man/woman involved. Our coffee comes straight from the estate to us, and from us to you in your cup.

These are the estates who've helped turn our dream, our vision, our hard-work into a living, breathing, delicious reality.