Brew the right thing

There is remarkable coffee in every country, on every land and in every region. That's the beauty of coffee -- it's true to its land. It grows and takes to its land. We know this and we encounter it on every one of our farm visits. We not only experience beauty but we experience beauty in learning. Learning about our farmers, their art, their land.

We taste this in their offerings. We reciprocate that pride with our ongoing support in purchasing and honouring the price they set, which is higher than the commodity price of coffee.There are many ways to practice fair, and even fairer trade, beyond the label of Fair Trade. We believe our ongoing relationship is more viable for the farmer, more sustainable for the industry, and fairer than handout schemes.

We buy green coffee in alignment with the following non-negotiable's, as outlined in our Ethical Procurement Policy:

  • Integrity, ethics and fair conduct throughout the supply chain
  • Traceability through a demonstrated direct relationship with farmers
  • Fair price to coffee producers.
  • Ethical labour and human rights practices throughout the chain of supply such as gender equality practices
  • Fair wages and working conditions for farm labourers.
  • Environmental management and sustainable practices