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Saltoro Coffee Roasters
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Harley Magic - Medium Light Roast Coffee - 100% Arabica

We are excited to partner with estates that are constantly striving to improve their offerings.

Trained and skilled labors go through multiple rounds of
handpicking to pick only the ripe berries. This ensures that
every single bean in the estate is of specialty grade. 

Sugarcane maceration is a special process where the coffee beans after processing is soaked and fermented in sugarcane pulp until the aroma and flavors are imparted to the coffee beans. 

We roast this coffee at a Medium Light level and it brews a really sweet cup using a Pour Over or Aero press. 

Producer: Harley Estate, Sakleshpur
Process: Sugarcane Maceration
Roast Level : Medium Light

Tasting notes: Prunes, Brown Sugar, Molasses 




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