Festive Blend - Dark Roast Arabica Blend
Festive Blend - Dark Roast Arabica Blend
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Festive Blend - Dark Roast Arabica Blend

Washed green beans grown in the regions of Chikmagalur and Coorg, are roasted to create a rich, full-bodied, creamy, well balanced pack. We know you enjoy the sugar rush during the festivities, so the coffees hazelnut, nutmeg, chocolate tasting notes, are a perfect accompaniment for chocolate brownies, macarons, mince pies and of course the ladoos and the gulab jamuns. Perfect for those autumn-winter cosy mornings, or even the unending evening parties re-fuelling you for more.
This special pack of blue is an omni roast, as its versatile to go well as an espresso, or a pour over, or even as a cappuccino. It wants you to explore with each cup you brew. 
Our Festive Blend is all about celebration - celebration of our rich culture, of our farmers, and of each one of you. 
Tip - Offer a freshly brewed cup of Saltoro's festive blend to your guests this season, and enjoy your conversations, as this cup is plain delicious !
Roast Level : Dark 
Tasting Notes : Hazelnut, Nutmeg, Chocolate
Grind Whole Beans
Size 250g

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