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Ingrid - Dark Roast Coffee - Espresso Blend - 100% Arabica

Ingrid is for all the mysterious, dark, sci-fi lovers out there.

A round, full-bodied blend that will force you to reveal your deepest, darkest secrets when you sip one with a companion. It's sweet, sugary yet nutty and earthy tasting notes will enrich your palette

We suggest enjoy this one all by yourself, in seclusion - preventing you from spilling those cheesy beans you’ve hiding forever.

Ingrid Stolzel (born 1971) - German composer of contemporary classical music is often described as having “a gift for melody”.

Composition Suggestion - Soul Journey from the Album, the gorgeous nothings, 2018

Regions: Chikmagalur, Shevaroys, Coorg

Process: Washed

Roast: Dark

Varietal: Kents, Catuai, Sln9

Roast : Espresso


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