To Coffee or To Order?

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To Coffee or To Order? 

Pandemic Date Ideas For Coffee Lovers!

It's no news that we have learnt to and even more so, preferred staying indoors even during our most special days and occasions. So, instead of making an exception, we thought it’s time to get them beans out, set that perfect candlelight table, and brew some ol' brown goodness in the comfort of your own homes for your partner.

For those who love and die for coffee, for those who bore their partners and spouses with and over coffee, for those who have fights with their special ones over their choice of beverage and for those who've turned into a coffee-convert thanks to their better half -- we have all of you covered.

Before we spew some bean-worthy ideas, it goes without saying we are still amidst the conundrum of an ongoing pandemic and this is why we feel our little getaway date idea (home edition) can help lift all our spirits.

So, we scratched our heads and scribbled our papers and derived a perfect theme that would make one feel like they are transported to a different world without really going out. Ain't that something?

andiamo, salta su velista!

Puzzled? Do you worry an Italian writer has taken over this space?

Although, now on a second thought, that does seem a rather appealing idea. But, that isn't the case. It's still us and we threw in a little Italian in your morning cup of coffee to set up the mood.

Don't we all romanticize the romance of Italy. Don't we all fantasize their own little way of doing things. Don't we all visualize sitting with our special ones at one of their quaint pretty-looking cafes'. A hundred times, yes!

And that's what inspired us to make this fantasy almost-come-true for y'all.

We have everything you need to set up a dreamy date like you'd want to say, amidst the glorious and almost daunting architecture of Rome or serene and comforting captivity of the Venice waters surrounding you. 

All you need is: A partner, of course, A little time in hand to prepare things in advance and finally, us (Don't worry, we will leave the two of y'all alone. Gosh!)

So, without further ado, Cominciamo!

Before you lose track of time decorating or worse cleaning your house, identifying the centerpiece of your evening is must.

And although we know there are many ways to get into the groove, we are unapologetically Coffee mongers and if you are here, we assume you to be the same.

So, identify what you want to do with your coffee. And please please oh please, just for this day, keep your stash of instant fixes where it is. We don't want to be a snob about it but if you can't take it up a few notches, then what are we even doing here?!

What we mean is… there are dozens and dozens of articles about how making a cup of your partner's choice or receiving one from them either in bed or anytime through the day is a great expression of love. To be able to give or receive love in small doses like this alleviates one's relationship ten folds.

And for the same reason, you must (And we are going to be a little pushy about this) really brew a fresh cup for two.

The ones who are well equipped and have found their little magical companion can skip the next part.

But for ones who feel a little under confident about this, may we suggest you and even guide you through a few things.

We couldn't think of a better maker than a moka pot to add that perfect touch of warmth to a settling day and as a bonus, it totally goes with our little Italian theme. 

Why? The Moka Pot was created by a genius named Alfonso Bialetti and you guessed it right, he is from Italy.

What is a Moka Pot you ask?

To put it simply, a moka pot is a three chambered brewer that uses stovetop to brew a cup or even three and produces an espresso like coffee.

So, the first chamber takes care of boiling the water. 

The second chamber has coffee grinds waiting to be exposed to the steam from boiling water in the first chamber and… wait… The third chamber is where the magic happens. 

You don't have to open the damn lid, but please do. And when you do, it's like a coffee fountain.

With just some more time invested you can turn that coffee into many different drinks. You can turn it into a Cappuccino or even a latte or even an iced coffee, which lends itself to even more flavoured variations.

Ya? Are our senses awakened now?

But why limit yourself to Moka Pot. At Saltoro, it's clearly our favourite but that doesn't mean we don't love a chemex or a pour over or even an Ibrik. We love them all. (We have too much love to spread)

So, really, get your buddy out if it's catching some dust on your shelf and welcome your partner over. Wear your Apron, get your kitchen island ready, prep all your ingredients and treat your partner and their senses to a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Or more, if you are into roulette like us. (More on that in a minute.)

So, you have your stage ready and now let's talk about Ambiente!

Here are a few things you can updo your house or drawing area.

  1. Get one of those signature red and white chequered table cloths to sit perfectly on your dinner or coffee table.

  1. One of the most Italian things you can do with candles is to simply place them in an empty wine bottle and honestly you wouldn't think twice about setting and configuring your ambience with one of your cool smart lights and bulbs.

  1. Get an assortment of crazy breads. Or just a Focaccia or Pizza Bianca will take over half of the space.

  1. If going all out ain't making you shy, you could also play a stock fireplace video on your TV or Computer. (It's a bit too much, we know. But really no ones going to know. Unless your partner makes it a point to tell the world!!!)

  1. Again, only and only if you are daring, you could use beans or cacao powder and decorate the coffee table or kitchen island with whatever you wish to. Say what you otherwise can't. 

Now that the ambience is set, might we indulge y'all in some fun activities?!

I mean all of us have a different rhythm and a different set of things that we are attuned to do when we spend time with our own little devil.

Maybe y'all can't ever ever miss a live telecast of a sport or a movie that y'all have lost count of years y'all have watched together and still haven't gotten bored of. And we don't think anything is more special than finding joy together in doing the same or the most mundane things with each other.

But for ones who might dare, want to try something different or for ones who are willing to find a new activity --- we have a few ideas and maybe you could even get an inspiration out of them to do something of your own.

Here goes nothing.

  1. Poems to share together

Classic Poems Set to Music

This article by Thoughtco has curated a list of classic poems set into yep, music. Maybe read them together or listen to them together.

We are sure once you find it a little less awkward, you are sure to love this fun little activity.

  1. Lights, Camera, Italy

15 Romantic Italian Films That'll Make You Love Italy Even More | The Intrepid Guide

This little movie listicle curated by the founder of Intrepid, Michele, is your perfect guide to navigate through a movie or movies you'd like to cuddle and watch with your special someone.

  1. Game Night

Next one up are all things coffee and food. The best way to turn your little Italian escapade even more Italian is to do what Italians are known to do with their food - make them into games.

Roulette - Although Russian Roulette was allegedly conceived by bored soldiers in Russia, we don't need so much adventure for a night. So, let's make it more appetizing and more safe, shall we?

There have been many chocolate versions of Roulette but if you really love your coffee then this Coffee Roulette is totally up your alley.

All you need is a Coffee Maker of your choice, some different varieties of beans (might we suggest this up and coming brand called Saltoro?!!), And some espresso shot cups. And there you have it.

Pasta & Pasta - Italians are known to turn every known classic game into their own with a little pasta twist.

Turn a bullseye game into the one where you replace darts with yep, spaghetti.

Or, glue two cups on a table from across each other and use an uncooked penne pasta for a little ice hockey.

Or, go wild and abstract and draw something with some cooked spaghetti.

And there you have it!

We are sure there are many more pleasing and maybe even less weird as few suggestions here. But, we hope we kept you entertained throughout and maybe even Inspired you a little here and there.

We hope you have a wonderful romantic evening (or morning) with your loved one.

And for all the singles out there, simply make yourself a cup of fresh brew and spend some quality time with yourself. Your Coffee will never judge you.

That's all from us, folks!

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