The Saltoro Story

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The Saltoro Story


We'd like to start with a disclaimer. 

This isn't one of those articles where we say "Why Us?" or talk about how we are better than our so called "competitors". 

The truth is, many of these "competitors" are our close friends. They are the reason why we love what we do as much as we do. So before we get into anything else - here is a list of Coffee Roasters in India created by a good-samaritan and fellow coffee-lover,  Varun Vasudevan (@thesimplecrew)

We are currently making our way through this list, alphabetically. Because we love ourselves a great coffee. And no two coffees are alike. No two companies and no two cups. And that is what excites us!
So check out the other roasters, support the growing Coffee culture and treat your palate to the best that the Indian Coffee industry has to offer!


Our journey started in 2019, a bunch of adventure buffs who had fallen in love with all things coffee.  We'd brew coffee on our treks and sip as we watched magnificent sunsets. On one such life changing trek at The Saltoro mountain ranges we felt called to start our own Coffee Company and share the magic with the world. We were coffee-nerds, yes - but we didn't know nearly enough back then to start a coffee business. Still, we were sure that we were serious and that this is what we wanted to do. We wanted to create a brand that spoke of all the things we love. A celebration of coffee, music, art and life. And thus, the idea of Saltoro was born. 


In a lot of ways, building a brand is like bringing up a baby - because it is after all, a living breathing part of yourself. One that needs dedication, patience and a whole lot of love and eventually grows to be a magnificent being in its own right. 


So, like dutiful parents - we made plans of how we were going to raise this child. Where we wanted to go, what we would do, and how we would do it. 

But then, like countless others across the world our plans were washed away by the Pandemic. We had to push the brakes on things, but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It gave us the time to learn, read and research and put us in a much better place than we were before. 


We started our own Roastery in New Delhi, partnered with the finest estates and worked closely with farmers to create the kind of coffee we tasted in our dreams. (Confession: the first few times - it was the stuff of nightmares!) But we kept going and kept growing and everyday we moved closer and closer to creating that magic cup of star-stuff that we dreamed of. 


With each passing day, we got closer to that goal. And added new goals to our list. We resolved that no matter what, we will practice fair-trade and stick by our farmers, our partners - in thick or thin. With each visit to the estates, this became  more and more a part of our core belief system.


Eventually, the time came. The systems were in place, the coffee was ready and we were too. 

We started strong - despite the pandemic we launched our website (and of course, our coffee) on Christmas day in 2020. 


Since then, we've been met with a wonderful response on everything we do and the coffee community has welcomed us with open arms! 


Our goal is to share what we love with the world. To share what inspires us. 

Whether that is great coffee, interesting nuggets of knowledge, magical music, powerful words, life-changing stories or just abstract beauty. 

The possibilities are endless and this is what excites us every day!


Before Saltoro, we started our days with a cup of coffee.

And now, we start our day because of that cup. For that cup. 


And honestly, we couldn't be happier!

Thank you for your support, kindness and love!

 We hope to keep delighting you, surprising you and bringing you lovely, ethical, and divine tasting coffee.


Pour a Saltoro and join us on our crazy  journey! 


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