A Comprehensive Guide For Coffee Makers - Part 1

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What Is Pressurized Coffee Brewing?

Hello Sippers,


We thought we'd try doing something that we can't deny gazillions of folks out there try to do too. But we thought (and we kinda promise) we won't only say what many say, but also say it with no judgement, no snobbery, and yes filters (if you know what we mean)!


So, let's hop on a hopefully fun ride into the world of Coffee Makers. It's not honestly different than stepping into Alice's wonderland -- not only is it fascinating but it could also get a little bit intimidating with all the information explosion about it out there.


We are here to sift through all that. And briefly touch upon few methods, and in them talking about few Coffee Makers befitting and bejeweling those methods is what we are here for.


Firstly, there are many varied ways you can make your coffee; from the 2-second solution of instant, to channi, to filtration, to steep brewing.


So, which is the best fit for you? Well, you’re asking this question a little too early. Before you can make that decision for yourself, you must weigh in a few factors. The absolute no-brainer that is the time you can give, the method you are most comfortable with, and the desired taste that that method offers you.


So, hold on to your decks a little while longer, and dive a little deeper into the world of the many Coffee Makers.


There are a few main umbrella categories (or methods) in which more-or-less all the different kinds of makers fall.


Pressurized Coffee Brewers, Filtration Coffee Makers, Steep Brewers, Boil-Based Coffee Makers, and lastly, Combo-Coffee Makers.


Let's try to briefly understand these methods, and see which maker befits which category.


A) Pressured Coffee Brewers


When it comes to Coffee and especially when done via this method (getting a little science-y here but bear with us) remember: Pressure & Heat. Yep!


Pressure pushes water through the ground coffee.

And Heat helps mix the ground coffee beans with the water.


So, class, what did we learn till now? Pressure and Heat is uber important for the pressurized method of coffee brewing.


Now to further understand how this works -- Imagine Express Makers, Moka Pots, and the Aeropress. They all are (you guessed it right) pressurized coffee brewers.


Let's get to it then.


1. Manual Espresso Maker


This one has a special mention. Though not very popular, but for the people who swear by it, for them, this is their darling.


The mechanism is more or less the same as an automated Espresso machine, but with the added bonus of flexing those muscles.


What you'll need - Fine Coffee Grind, Packing them grind tight, less expectation from the quantity of coffee, more expectation from it's superior taste and say, a minute or two to make. Not bad, eh?



2. Automated Espresso Makers


The one you want to bring home, the one maybe you spoil it enough in the office so they remove it and you can then maybe, (don't know how) but shoosh steal it. Yep. You know what we are talking about. Our very own Espresso Machine. 


Even in them you have a semi-automatic (where you put your freshly ground coffee beans in portafilter, tamp it and let it do it's thing) and fully automatic (which well is all at the hands of a push button hoping you have some coffee in it).


Again, same mechanism. Same, pressure and heat = Morning Magic Dark Potion. 


What you'll need - Some money (like really), some good coffee in hand and preferably ready to go in a coffee grinder for a fresh cupa, and some shut that damn phone and open your curtains. Please!



3. Moka Pot


Moka baby is a three chambered brewing process. Copy paste same Pressure & Heat but on a stovetop. Yep?


So, the first chamber takes care of boiling the water. The second chamber has coffee grinds waiting to be exposed to the steam from boiling water in the first chamber and… wait… The third chamber is where the magic happens. You don't have to open the damn lid, but please do. And when you do, it's like a coffee fountain.


Okay, ya, sorry, we have to write this blog from an unbiased standpoint. We are sorry! But would it hurt for y'all to see just a video on how it's made. Please? For us?


What you'll need - some good coffee (the sweet spot is coarser than Espresso grind but finer than teh drip kind. If that went above you, what are you even going to do in the morning if not have some fun every morning with your grinder and maker to understand the right grind for your baby moka. Sorry!), some stovetop arrangement, some love, few minutes and there you have it some bittersweet love.



4. AeroPress


This science project looking gadget has its own dedicated fan following. And why not, it can make regular coffee, cold brew coffee and even an almost espresso. Hawww!


If and If you understand and are willing to give some time and patience to understand the right water temperature, the right air pressure and the right coffee grind then trust us, this is by far the fastest coffee maker out there. 


What you'll need - Some memory until it becomes your muscle memory, some fine grounded coffee and get that breathing exercise going for 60 seconds.





Whoa! That was a lot to take in. To continue on and discover the next category in the journey of Coffee-Makers, click here!


And of course, if you’re looking for some fantastic coffee to put your new-found knowledge to use - you can check out our Single Origin Coffee here.

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