8 Free Coffee Resources For Indian Coffee Lovers

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8 Free Coffee Resources For Indian Coffee Lovers!



When it comes to coffee, there's always more to learn, smell, taste and discover. This is one of the reasons we fell in love, and continue to keep falling in love all over again! 


Here are eight coffee tools and resources that have become our go-tos. 



1. James Hoffman (duh!)


So many people owe the start of their coffee journeys to this YouTuber. James Hoffman shares his love for coffee on his YouTube Channel where he discusses the speciality coffee industry, reviews coffee equipment and evaluates different brewing methods. You can almost smell the passion (and the coffee) through the screen. 


His book The World Atlas of Coffee is also a wonderful resource to add to your library - it discusses coffee varieties, growing methods, roasting, and a whole lot more. 



2. Coffee Cup Guru - App


A wonderful app with different recipes and brewing methods to create beautiful cups of coffee. The app's sleek design and interface makes following along a breeze and the History feature let's you save and track recipes that worked well for you. 



3. Filtru - App


An app with an interactive timer which guides you through the coffee making process step by step and lets you know when to pour, stir or bloom. It also lets you save, create and share your own methods and discover detailed and easy to follow brewing guides.


4. Sprudge - Coffee Publication


The one stop shop for all things coffee - Global coffee news, events, culture and a whole lot more. You can find a wealth of knowledge here - everything from interviews with roasting consultants, product designers, farmers, entrepreneurs, artists. This publication is truly a Gold-mine for coffee lovers. 



5.  /r/IndiaCoffee


The IndiaCoffee Subreddit is a great place for Indian Coffee Lovers to Connect, share knowledge and just talk about all things coffee! Join the party now and become a part of the fast-growing tribe of coffee lovers! 



6. Coffee Podcasts 


We're going to leave things a bit open ended here and let you find your favourite. Coffee Podcasts are an absolute treasure trove of knowledge and information - and there are so many out there to choose from! Listening to a Coffee Podcast is a great way to use time while you're stuck in traffic or on your daily run. 

So head over to Spotify, start browsing and find your favourite! 



7. Specialty Coffee Association - YouTube 


The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a membership-based association built on foundations of openness and inclusivity. The core belief is knowledge-sharing within the coffee-community - farmers, batistas and roasters the world over are part of the SCA. 


Check out their YouTube Channel for a wealth of information!



8. Yours Truly :)


We're talking about ourselves of course. 

We are taking baby steps and doing what we love - sharing not just our coffee but also our experiences and knowledge with our community. But more than anything else, we're sharing our passion. If we find something interesting or beautiful, we use our platform to share it with the world and if that makes even one person's day - it makes our week. 


You can check out our Instagram page for Coffee History, Recipes, Facts and to stay updated with our newest releases. 


You can also tune into some wonderful tunes with our curated Spotify Playlists. Or, simply check out our other blogs right here!


And if all this talk about coffee has you craving a cup, might we recommend something from our delightful Single Origin Range?


What are your favourite coffee resources? Let us know in the comments below!



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